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Monday, October 30th Morning News


This is the local and area news.

The Presidio Municipal Development District will conduct a geothermal energy study near the Rio Grande in south Presidio County.

The Big Bend Sentinel reports the district has contracted with the University of Texas at Austin for the study, which is expected to take six to eight months.
Geothermal energy is a renewable source from heat generated within the earth and can be harvested for human use.
Presidio County Underground Water Conservation District Director Trey Gerfers has endorsed the study.
U.T. Geophysicist Ken Wisian, who introduced County Commissioners to the idea, said underground heat energy in the area could be enough to power the world.
While the U.S. currently is the leading geophysical energy producer, it only produces enough to meet five percent of its energy needs. But Iceland produces enough for 90 percent of its need.
Wisian said most renewable energy can be produced only when conditions are right like the sun is shining or the wind blowing.
But geothermal does not depend on what else is happening in the area.
The paper quoted Wisian as saying the Presidio County “checks all the boxes” of being a promising location for producing geothermal energy.

The Sul Ross Small Development District will develop a training session in keeping with a Halloween theme tomorrow.
It will offer “Unleash the Power of Social Media, Crafting a Spooktacular Strategy,” from 10 to 11 tomorrow on Zoon.
Its promotion notes that Halloween beckons with its potential for sales, especially in the realm of eerie goods and tantalizing treats.
It says the workshop will be laser-focused on unveiling spine-tingling social media strategies and tactics.
It hopes to empower merchants to expand their influence, elevate engagement and steer sales across social channels during this festive season.
Subjects include Crafting Enchanting Promotions and Chillingly Good Social Content.
It notes the holidays are a critical sales period and will show how to make the most of social media and reach more customers this season.

The Texas Southwest S.B.D.C.s have partnered to bring expert content to help small businesses
grow and succeed.

To register and to log in, contact Norma Martinez at 837-8813 or email

Big Bend National Park will change to the winter schedule for entry to Boquillas across from Rio Grande Village beginning Thursday.
The Boquillas Port of Entry within the park provides access to the town of Boquillas, Coahuila, as well as the Mexican Protected Areas of Maderas del Carmen and Ocampo.
The crossing will be open from 9 to 4 five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday beginning Thursday until April 30.
At the Port of Entry, visitors with a valid passport will be able to cross into Mexico by foot during low water or by rowboat ferry for a fee during business hours only.
This port of entry does not accommodate vehicle crossings or commercial importation of products. There is no other legal access to Mexico within Big Bend National Park.
Proper documentation is required to cross. For complete information on other accepted travel documents, contact U.S. Customs and Border Protection at 229-3349.
For more information about visiting the village of Boquillas, visit

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