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NOAA all-hazards weather radio for the Davis Mountains – Big Bend area is on the air. KJY-69 is now broadcasting weather information 24/7 at 162.550mhz. In addition to regular forecast information, NOAA weather radio also broadcasts weather alerts and advisories for this area. Our system is also capable of broadcasting local emergency information which is not weather related. Most of these radios have the capability of remaining in a stand-by mode, and then “turning on” whenever emergency weather information is transmitted. Radios which have the capability of receiving the NOAA broadcasts are available in Radio Shack at Morrison’s True Value Hardware Store in Alpine. Consult with Steve Olazaba or other Radio Shack personnel for more details.

KVLF and KALP also over-ride regular programming with any local weather bulletins issued by the National Weather Service, as well as any public information bulletins which are issued by local emergency management or law enforcement agencies. KVLF is the official Emergency Alert System radio station for this area. Both KVLF and KALP are equipped with emergency generators, so the stations will remain in operation in the event of commercial power failure.

In setting up your weather radio to receive information for this area, there are some numbers you will need to program your radio.

The frequency for the Alpine NOAA transmitter is 162.550 megahertz.

The FIPS codes are as follows:

Brewster County – 048043

Presidio County – 048377

Jeff Davis County – 048243

Enter the FIPS code for any of these counties for which you desire to receive weather information.

For more information related to NOAA Weather Radio, contact Pat Vesper, Warning Coordinator with the National Weather Service in Midland at 432-563-5006.