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Monday, January 15th Morning News


Monday, January 8th and I’m PJ Benevich.

The Alpine Fire Department has warned that temperatures across the state are expected to plunge as the cold weather moves in this week, reaching its coldest early tomorrow morning.
It said we should make sure to pack blankets, water and food if we plan to drive anywhere and check Drive Texas-dot-org for updated road conditions.
Make sure your heaters are functional and safe prior to the cold moving in and keep an eye out for official notices of any infrastructure outages.
It’ll be very cold but, the good news is, it will be over fairly quickly.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Borderlands Research Institute at Sul Ross are embarking on a multi-faceted project focused on desert bighorn sheep.
The project will examine the interactions, competition and disease risks among desert bighorn, mule deer and aoudad.
Thes issue has been studied before because wild audad eliminated many native desert bighorns in the Trans-Pecos mountain ranges by the 1960s.
But there were efforts already under way to curtail unregulated hunting and the introduction of domestic livestock, which competed for resources and exposed some animals to disease.
Pen-raised desert bighorns were first introduced to the Sierra Diablo Wildlife Management Area of Culberson and Hudspeth counties, in June 1973.
Elephant Mountain W.M.A. south of Alpine received 20 bighorns in February 1987.
Since these initial placements, more of the native sheep have been introduced to the Sierra Vieja Mountains in Presidio County and the Black Gap W.M.A. in southeastern Brewster County.
Many of these animals have been fitted with radio collars so they can be studied.
The first part of this project will focus on how many aoudads a mule deer population can coexist with.
Aoudads compete for resources when their numbers are this high so they must be managed to keep them from outcompeting other species.

The Sul Ross Small Business Development Center continues its series of training events tomorrow with Credit Personal and Business, Becoming an Educated Credit User.
It will be from 11 tomorrow morning to 1 p.m. Good credit is important to both your personal and business needs. Lenders can look at how you have handled your past obligations even if you are a corporate officer signing for the business.
Many business owners have had credit issues because of the pandemic. This two-hour course covers aspects of becoming an educated credit user.
Key Topics include how your credit is reported, the effects poor credit has on you and your business, five key activities in rebuilding credit.
It also looks at what you can do if your credit report is wrong.
For more information, see the website at to register.
Or contact Norma Martinez at 837-8803 or

The City of Alpine has posted a notice on its home page about the importance of smoke alarms in homes and businesses.
Director of Building Services Andrew Devaney writes that smoke alarms are important because when there is a fire, smoke spreads fast.
That can provide residents with a significant warning so you can get everyone out safely.
He recommends installing a smoke alarm in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home, including the basement.
And it’s important to remember to replace all batteries in alarms at least once a year and test once a month.

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