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July 5th – julio 5


Remembering a fierce City Council battle over a fourth Dollar Store in Alpine nearly two years ago, South County could face a similar proposition.
The Big Bend Sentinel reports in this week’s edition that firefighter Tony Drewry confirmed a rumor that a Dollar General store was being planned in Study Butte.
A survey crew working near the intersection of Highways 118 and 170 confirmed they were working for Dollar General.
In Alpine, the council tried in vain to stop the store now in on Highway 118 north of the High School by denying approval for a request that two lots be combined for the store.
But then-City Attorney Rod Ponton told them they could not block Dollar General as long as it was within state law.
Many small communities have fought Dollar Stores because their cut-rate marketing plans can hurt existing grocery stores who have to cut prices to compete with cut-rate marketing.
The paper reports Dollar General has received significant bad press lately because of its overall size.
More than 18 thousand Dollar stores are in the United States, more than the number of McDonalds and WalMarts combined.
Drewry said South County residents reacted strongly against the store saying the area does not a single thing they sell.
Stephanie Neckar of Terlingua Real Estate told the paper that the deal was far from done and that the seller could still entertain offers from other buyers.
But even if they fight off this deal, she said there would be more challenges in the future.

We posted over the holiday this week that a boil-water notice for Marathon water customers had been lifted but many may have missed it.
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality rescinded the notice for customers of the Marathon Water Supply and Sewer Service Corporation.
The notice was issued June 25 when repairs were ordered that could have polluted drinking water, thus the order. The public water system has taken the necessary corrective actions to restore the quality of the water used for drinking or human consumption. It has provided the T.C.E.Q. with laboratory test results that indicate that the water no longer requires boiling prior to use as of Wednesday.
For questions or concerns, contact Bernice Martin or Rebecca Garcia at 386-4229.

The City of Alpine posted on its web site this week that owners of historical or other qualified commercial buildings may apply for a freeze in values when significant repairs are needed.
The land and building will have an annual assessed value equal to the tax year immediately before the repairs began and for the next three years after work is completed.
To take advantage of the offer, the site must need repair or renovation of more than 15 percent of the assessed value and not less than five thousand dollars.
The notice is on the city website at and see News and Announcements.

The Alpine Public Library has posted on Facebook that it plans what it called a fun, free family event with Magic in the Library.
Magician Bronson Chadwick will be featured in the show that starts at noon on Friday, July 19.
The post says space is limited and suggested those interested to reserve a spot at the front desk.
Tickets will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Marfa Presbyterian Church at 110 East Commerce Street at the corner of Fort Davis Highway plans a community event on the church lawn Sunday. Entertainment will be by Hall’s Last Call band.
Guests should bring their own cooler. It will be from 5 to 7:30 Sunday.

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