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There are many pieces of music gear that is priced to get gone! A few of the items are; bass, bass cabinets, Whammy Ricochet. a Chromatic Tuner, a volume pedal and much, much more! Call this seller to hear all that is available at 432-244-4051 today!!

(Runs all of October!)

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  1. Open to cash or equivalent value in silver American Eagles or certain cryptocurrencies (XRP, XLM, and several others)
    Must be picked up in Alpine, TX.

    – Atelier Z 4 Beta Japanese boutique bass (Jazz pickups AND large MM style Humbucker) – $1000

    – Spector Legend 5 string Active – UPGRADED – Cavity routed out and electronics replaced with two EMG 40DC pickups and
    EMG BQC 18v preamp and a brass nut to sound similar to Alex Webster’s signature bass. Missing back cover. $600

    – Carvin BK5 Custom – Active/Passive Bass kit ordered and put together with upgrade parts. Hand tung oiled. Has Jazz pickups and a MM style humbucker in between. Ebony fretboard. $1000

    – Fender Rumble 500 V3 Combo 210 – $400
    – Fender Rumble 500 V3 410 bass cabinet – $350
    (Buy Together I’ll knock $150 off – $600)

    – Ampeg SVT 300-CL 300 watt tube head – $1000
    – Seismic Audio bass cabinet 115 – $150
    – Seismic Audio bass cabinet 410 – $150
    (Buy Ampeg and both Seismics for $200 off – $1100 for a full live gig rig)

    – Digitech Whammy Ricochet – $100
    – Digitech Chromatic Tuner – $40
    – Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig effects- $200
    – Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus – $100
    – Visual Sounds Volume Pedal – $120
    – Pedaltrain Large Pedal Board w/ hardshell gig case- $100
    (Buy the whole board $400, save $260)

    I have a lot of chords, cables, and beginner level instruments I need to get rid of as well. I have the gear hooked up so you can try it out. I have some items that are in poor condition open for offers for repairs or projects like a Crate 2×12 cabinet, a Line 6 Wireless pack with a broken clip, and a Takamine GX-100TB.

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