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FOR SALE:  StowAway Brand Hitch-Mounted Storage Box in Ivory


Tired of being packed in your car amongst the family, the pets and everyone’s bags on those long-distance trips?

Perhaps you’ve tried rooftop carriers and instead strained your back and your patience reaching for your stuff on top of the car.

You may be ready for a top-of-the-line hitch carrier built by StowAway.

This heavy duty, hitch-mounted storage box is bolted on a rugged frame that swings out for clear access to the back of your vehicle — significantly easier to get to and more fuel efficient than a rooftop carrier.

Like a second trunk it holds up to 12 ½ cubic feet and 200 pounds of gear on a 2” receiver; includes locking latch, tail lights, license plate bracket, hitch tightener, and drain plug for cleaning.

Costing nearly a thousand dollars new, you can find a USED one on Ebay for $700 excluding shipping.

Here in the Big Ben you can own this one for $500 (firm) delivered to your door within 35 miles of Alpine. 

Need more technical information? Google “Stowaway <one word>standard cargo carrier” for details. 

Available for inspection in Alpine by appointment or look for it around town mounted on a green Subaru Outback with Texas plates.

Text or leave a message at 972 977 7150.

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(runs through Sept 26th)

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